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How it works


Automatic transcription Service


• Upload your recordings to JUST: Transcription

• Wait while our speech recognition technology automatically processes your recording in minutes


options to Review

DIY edit

Edit the transcript yourself.

Fast edit Service

Reviewed and edited by one editor.

Ideal if you want to fine tune the transcript.

Verbatim Service

Reviewed and edited by two editors.

Ideal if you need strict verbatim.



Why we are different

Confidentiality is streets ahead in terms of priority
— Researcher

Our no. 1 priority is the safety and security of your data.

For more information about the various security measures we have put in place, please read our FAQs.


Whether you’re a Developer or a DPO, we recognise that speed is a concern, ensuring that quality is not compromised.

With these things you kind of want it as quickly as possible
— Developer
My role is to rationalise the questions so that they make sense
— Trainee Solicitor

We recognise that often a strict verbatim transcript is not needed (or in fact wanted) and instead, a note of what was intended to be said is desired. Through our Fast Edit Service, we offer a unique offering to professionals looking to rationalise the time they spend on note-taking.


Editing transcripts may make note-takers stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed and not able to engage in the meeting they are attending or learning any new skills. Precious time and resources go into tidying up notes from meetings that can be better deployed elsewhere.

Tidying it up takes a long f*?!ing time
— Trainee Solicitor

Our Users


We’ve spoken to a wide range of practitioners, developers, researchers and others working in the legal sector to understand their needs and behaviours. We have identified a number of individuals who will benefit from JUST: Transcription.


Law Students

Students having to take copious notes during lectures may struggle to keep up. Why not use JUST: Transcription to record those lectures? And if you’re struggling financially, you can choose our DIY option to edit. With the most minutes offered free of charge than any other provider, we are A+ for students!

Legal tech developers

Legal Tech Developers can use our fast speech recognition technology to generate training data to feed their models with different kinds of unstructured legal text.

DATA protection teams

Since GDPR came into force, Data Protection teams are responding to an ever increasing number of Subject Access Requests. By using our secure speech recognition technology to transcribe personal and potentially sensitive data, teams are freed up from transcribing copious volumes of customer calls.

legal Researchers/Designers

Researchers conducting 1:1 interviews often have a hard time taking notes and engaging with their subjects. Our blended service allows researchers at all levels the flexibility to transcribe their interviews automatically or be assisted by our trained editors if time and quality is a concern.

LAW Firms

Depositions involve the taking of sworn, out-of-court, oral testimony of a witness that may be reduced to a written transcript for later use in court or for discovery purposes. US firms doing global work, stand to benefit from using our speech recognition technology as they are able to produce these statements quicker without having to charge their clients exorbitant fees.


Trainees are often used to take a record of meetings costing the client and the firm time and money. For those with Dyslexia or other hidden disabilities, this task can also be unnecessarily stressful. For conscientious firms, our speech recognition technology can cut the time, stress and cost associated with the common practice of note-taking.

In-house legal teams

For in-house legal teams charged with the responsibility of serving large companies with limited resources, our speech recognition technology can make the process of minuting important meetings quick and easy.


Do you fall outside the box?

Get in touch with us today as we are always interested in learning more about our customers and their particular needs!





frequently asked questions


Can I get a free trial of the paid services?

All customers receive a free trial, which includes 10 minutes of your audio reviewed and edited by our trained editors.

To sign up for a free trial:

  1. Select Get Started on the plan of your choice

  2. When you are asked for payment, Select the Free Trial option

What if I want more than 1000 minutes automatically transcribed or more than 60 minutes edited?

When you near the limit of your plan, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your options.

We will discuss what your needs are and how we can provide you with the solution that suits you.

Is there a discount for students and teachers?

Yes, we offer an Discount of 10% off the regular subscription price.

To subscribe:

  1. Select Get Started on the plan of your choice using your school’s email address

  2. When you are asked for payment, Select the Education discount plan

Is there a discount for charity workers?

Yes, we offer an Discount of 10% off the regular subscription price.

To subscribe:

  1. Select Get Started on the plan of your choice using your charity’s email address

  2. When you are asked for payment, Select the Charity discount plan


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