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We are at a pivotal moment in the history of the justice system. Unprecedented levels of investment in technology are transforming legal practice in courts and tribunals, while the advent of LegalTech is placing powerful tools in the hands of litigants, or at least those who can afford them.

At JUST: we think technology has the power to change the justice sector for the better, but we are concerned that the rate of change means that litigants from under-served communities are being left out of the process. By bringing together people, organisations, institutions and ideas, we believe that collectively we have the power and the knowledge to tackle the messiest, most complicated of problems.

Please do check out our current vacancies or contact us if you want to work with us to design a justice system that works for everyone.



Sophie Walker



Sophie works as a barrister, representing clients in criminal, immigration and family cases.

She was the first CEO of the Centre for Criminal Appeals. This innovative organisation brought techniques from advocates defending people on America’s death row to challenging miscarriages of justice in the UK.

She uses her frontline experience of the challenges people face every day accessing justice to fight for changes to the law and the legal system that will make a difference.


Emily MacLoud

Product Manager


Emily is a UX Designer that specialises in Legal Design. She aims to create solutions that utilise the best of offline creativity and online efficiency.

Business Development
She has worked in the access to justice space for several years across multiple jurisdictions.

She believes collaboration is key when trying to approach messy problems and is part of multiple networks in the legal tech scene.



Board Members


Michael Fasosin

Michael is a Board advisor and mentor with various startups and companies and brings with him a wealth of experience in leveraging digital.

Oliver Hickson

Oliver is a behaviour change consultant and has 25 years experience in marketing communications within FMCG, sports marketing agency, public sector and charity. 

John Rainey

John is an entrepreneur and product leader with 16+ years experience evolving software products and managing cross-functional teams at technology companies.