JUST: Access

JUST: Open Law


Open data, open law

Framing the problem


Due to systemic issues and archaic practices, there are many ways in which our legal systems do not support the Open Law principle. Despite the efforts around digitisation of legal resources, the number of judgments being published are diminishing. Our work focuses on Public data, which should be differentiated from private and closed client data.



Exploring & Learning

We have started this project by assessing the market, technical and commercial feasibility of an open-justice initiative within the UK jurisdiction. We have met with several individuals who have been involved with this for years.


Developing solutions

We will look to develop a beta product which we can test with users, and uncover whether there is a better way judges can create, edit and share their judgments and whether we can improve how transcripts and judgments are disseminated to legal practitioners and the public.



By following the design process, we will then be in a strong position to design and develop solutions that can then be tested with members of the judiciary.


Interested in our work in this area?

Feel free to contribute to our project board below or get in touch.