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Many elements of the justice system depend on the spoken word. We are using automatic speech recognition technology to revolutionise the legal transcription industry.



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open law agenda

The development of a dataset that pools information from our institutional and private legal providers and eases transfer of confidential data between relevant bodies is technically possible, particularly now that the open banking movement has paved the way. It's time to start exploring our own open law movement.

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user-centred design & development

In everything we do, we focus our attention on our users and adopt an iterative design process for each phase of development. We do not rest until our products and services are delightful to use and easily accessible.


june 2019

It's time to start exploring our own open law movement: to create a level playing field for new legal service providers and to new perspectives on the cold, hard reality of legal practice today.

Sophie Walker, CEO

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We are looking for freelance editors who have a legal background. Choose projects that actually interest you and fit the work around your availability.

open law initiative

As occurred in the open banking movement, we need to come together as a community to develop a set of common data standards. Get in touch to join us working towards open public law.

justice tech network

Join our Justice Tech Network to stay up to date with our initiatives and meet others who committed to the steady progress towards an improved justice system for all.