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We leverage the power of technology to develop products that offer a higher quality service and better value for money.


we are disrupting the legal transcription industry

Designed by legal aid lawyers, JUST: Transcription takes the stress out of dictation and transcription. By using the latest speech-to-text technology, we turn audio files into text documents at a fraction of the price and with none of the usual hassle.

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Our system benefits from having built-in knowledge to produce highly accurate transcripts.


We focus on delivering a high quality product with no frills.

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Our automated speech-to-text technology turns recordings into text fast.


We use the most advanced services available to ensure our system is watertight.



Join our Justice Tech Network and be part of the movement working together to not only improve access to justice but to improve justice itself.

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We are a collective of technologists, policymakers, designers, founders, third sector organisations, researchers, educators and legal professionals who are developing technology to drive policy change.




Together we can imagine a justice system that works for everyone

We think experiencing something tangible makes all the difference. That’s why we’re organising a series of “demo days” in courthouses across the British Isles; to create an experimental, collaborative space to bring together innovators, lawyers, judges, court staff - everyone who might use a court.

Help us to turn those visions into something real.

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